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Our vision is that every person gets the opportunity to discover and realize his or her greatness.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide families with experiential programs and knowledge to help them be fulfilled in their extraordinary lives.

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Life Leadership Training

Where Teens, Young Adults and Families discover and realize their full potential!

Alex UrbinaWhen you were born, you were born purely magnificent, created in the image and likeness of God; as each day passed, you instinctively knew yourself to be nothing less.

You intuitively knew that you are a gift to the world and sure that your passion would some day lead you to find your purpose in life.

When you would dream, your dreams were big; you knew that you were destined for greatness, you knew that you would create stunning success and that there was nothing that could stop you.

Your joy and happiness was assured and non-dependent on anything outside of your internal truth about who you are; you were powerful, confident and loving, and certain that you would live an extraordinary life!

But at some point, you started to have experiences in life that caused doubt, fear and uncertainty. It was the disappointments, the frustrations Teen Life Leadershipand all the failures that became more relevant.

Little by little, you stopped dreaming, you stopped listening and you stopped knowing the truth about the Magnificent, Powerful and Creative Being that you are!
Now you hide, you blend in and go along with everyone else; content, comfortable and satisfied with the way that things have become.

What you need is wake-up call, a powerful life experience that reminds you instinctively and intuitively who you are, who you always have been and who you always will be.

Alex also believes that leadership enhancement is best discovered through service and community contribution. He has developed a “Pay it Forward” follow-up program where graduates of his training continue to get mentored through his mini workshops and implementing of community projects.

Some of the Community Projects served in the Santa Clarita Valley

  • Habitat for Humanity – Homes for Heroes
  • Boys & Girls Club Thanksgiving Dinner Giveaway
  • Santa to a Senior

Rediscover your passion, rediscover your freedom  and rediscover your power!